Tips For Corporate Comedy Event Success

The Corporate comedy event can make the usual banquet or holiday party a hudge success. While it can be a challenge to entertain your corporate officers and staff with a comedy show it can also be a great way to break down barriers with in the organization.

Here are some tips to help make the event go smoothly and be a success!

The number one thing to do is to book the right act. The comic should have vast experience with corporate comedy events. You don't want some amiture just learning to do it while your reputation is at stake. Out booking division "" can help you find just the right act to insure a good match for your situation. Once you have the right act picked out it is time to consider some other things that will help allow the comic to be at his or her best.

Good sound and lights are a must. The funniest comic in the world will get nothing if they can not be heard. Good light is also important. A riser or stage will allow better sight lines for the audience is also helpful but not required. Site Build It! If dinner is also part of the evening it is best to have dinner concluded prior to the start of the entertainment. The clearing of dishes and noise associated with it will detract form the show.

If you are having an awards presentation that should take place after the show. If you need engraved awards we recommend They offer outstanding quality and service. They will ship directly to your event location or office.

An officer of the company should say a few words prior to the entertainment. Welcome remarks and thanks to the organizer would be appropriate. This will help people get settled and focus on the stage.

The intro for the comic should start with some credits where the audience may have seen them. The intro should always climax with the acts name. Any inside information about the company or individuals in attendance can help make the event more fun. While many of the corporate comedy acts have built in bits for this a little input is helpful.

The comic will usually do 30 to 45 minutes. Remember if the audience has just had a large meal they will start to get sleepy if they have to sit much longer than that and you still want them awake if you have awards or speeches later.

There you have done it put together a successful corporate comedy event and you can enjoy the comments from those in attendance.

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