This Comedy Club Online Brings
Funnier Than Famous
Stand Up Comics!

Comedy club online brings the top stand up comedy club headliners to you. At Killer Comedy you can enjoy the best in stand up comedy from the comfort of your own home.

The number of comedy clubs in the united states has declined dramaticaly in the past few years leaving thousands of comedy fans out in the cold. We provide great comedy via this comedy club online site to those people.

Have you ever goen to a comedy show had a great time have someone ask who you saw and can't remember their name. These are the polished club acts we offer on our site. They are "funnier than famous" We know that we can not recreate the experience of sitting in a sold out comedy club with a great comic performing. We can't recreate the situation when a heckler suddenly thinks they can out wit a seasoned professional comic(a great way to look really stupid). The exchange that is created in that moment of time can be magic. For that experience you will have to go to the nearest comedy club.

If you get the opportunity to see any of the acts featured on this site we recommend you go see them. They are the cream of the crop and will leave you in stiches.

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So sit back and enjoy these comic video clips on killer comedy online. Join our blog for updates on new acts and bits from our regulars and tour dates.

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