John Padon Killer Comedy from the Vegas Strip!

John Padon

wanted to be a comic all his life and now he lives in Vegas performing nightly in some of the strips hottest showrooms.

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From the day his father took him to see the nuclear labs at Los Alamos John knew he was running out of time. He grew up a regular kid in Albuquerque in the catholic school system having his sense of humor beaten into him by the sisters of good charity. It was in this oppressive school that John realized the world needed a good laugh. John Padon's father began his comedy education by taking him every Sunday to church and a movie. John was exposed to all of the classics of comedy : Laurel and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, W.C. Fields, and of course God.

Fortunately though it was a Jewish man who gave John Padon his first break in the comedy business. Comedy impresario Budd Friedman said "What I look for is originality which is very hard to find these days." In praise of Padon's wide ranging political humor. He then invited John to be featured on four of his Evening at the Improv television shows, with stars like Mark Hamill, Little Richard, Hector Elizondo, and Emma Samms.

John Padon first honed his act and impeccable timing for years in night clubs and comedy clubs. Today he can be seen in everything from television to starring in major production shows; working with acts like War, Glen Campbell, Kenny G and The Temptations. Padon even performed for President Ronald Reagan on his ranch. His no-prisoners approach has earned him a reputation as one of the freshest, most original comics working today.

Steve Wynn founder and President of Mirage Resorts Inc. said "Padon had me in tears, he has starred in two shows (The History of Sex, and Hot Stuff) for me at The Golden Nugget, and both times he was THE SHOW!"

An Emmy Award winning writer Padon is at the top of his game and a long way from the tough crowds in catholic school. His rapid fire comedic approach attacks politicians, political correctness, as well as just making us laugh at the silliness of our everyday lives. He has truly learned how to make even the most cynical, laugh at themselves.

If you want to catch this great act you will have to do the traveling because he rarely leaves his home in Las Vegas. If you do go to Vegas you can catch him in various showrooms on on the Vegas Strip.

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