Jason Russell
Brings His Own Unique Style To
Killer Comedy Online

Jason Russell like most comedians, began to hone his comedy skills early on by making his friends and classmates laugh. It was his upbringing that gave him the materal to laugh at the world, and see the lighter side of life.

From a biracial family, he has felt the sting of intolerance and bigotry, while learning much about himself.

Jason would create voices and characters that he would share with friends and family, and he began to realize his gift to make people laugh was real.

This began his path into stand-up comedy, watching the classics on SNL, and SCTV, he started fallowing the career's of Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and found inspiration from Jim Carey while matching his impressions.

Jason has seventeen years of experience on the Comedy Club stage. His style is silly, hard hitting and real. His strong personality and high energy enables him to handle any situation that might happen in a live show. His quick wit will shut down any heckler dumb enough to think he just started yesterday! Jason is one of the country's hottest young comedians.

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